Short Basshorn
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Short Basshorn
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Short Basshorn

Sometimes it is a true pleasure for our engineers to pull out all the stops! For example when they see a really rewarding challenge in designing a horn loaded subwoofer with formidable low bass capacities that does not cover almost a complete wall at the same time. Because the result speaks for itself: an utterly uncompressed bass experience. And on top a cabinet design which directly expresses its inherent unrestrained power through the verve of its curved horn flare. What you can expect from the SHORT BASSHORN? A mature and perfected musical experience, formed by the concurrence of long-lived engineering expertise, enthusiasm for breaking new ground, and creativity.

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The technical specifications speak for themselves: up to 1000 Watt amplifier power, 2 x 30cm pro-grade bass drivers, and a finely adjustable DSP equalizer not only provide ample low frequency power, but also ensure that a delicate voice or instrument gains the richness that accounts for a homogeneous overall sound.

Add an elegant veneer surface (standard or customer specific), or an optionally available high-gloss finish (black or white), and make the combination of SHORT BASSHORN XD and TRIO horns an integrative - or contrastive - visual statement.

  • Sealed enclosure design
  • Expo-spherical horn flare
  • DSP control
  • Software for MAC/WIN
  • 10 parametric EQ filters
  • 2 x 12 inch bass drivers
  • 1000 W bass amplifier
Subwoofer Driver
  • Driver diameter : 300 mm/12“
  • Membrane material : SCS reinforced paper
  • Magnet material : Ferrite
  • Drivers per subwoofer : 2
Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Amplifier power (RMS) : 1000 (2 x 500) Watt, Class-D
  • Active crossover : programmable by built-in DSP
  • Subsonic filter : programmable by built-in DSP
  • 12V trigger input : yes
  • Limiter : yes
  • Programmable via LAN/USB : yes/yes
  • Inputs, switchable : 1 x speaker-level and 1 x XLR (f)
  • Loop-through output : 1 x XLR (m)
Mechanical Construction
  • Footing : Casted T-shape frame with 3 precision adjusting disc feet
  • Subwoofer cabinet : Reinforced construction from 22-40 mm plywood
  • Bass horn flare : precision milled MDF with aluminium surface layer
  • Internal cabinet treatment : Reinforced construction, internal damping mats
  • Operation indicator : Frontal LED
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